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A brief history of the Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club.

Welcome to the Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club, which was formed in 1991 as a development of the previous Lotus Sunbeam Register within Club Lotus, with the objective of bringing together owners and enthusiasts of the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus and to promote and publicise these limited-production road versions of the cars that won the 1981 World Rally Championship

The Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club is the only independent organisation catering solely for the Sunbeam Lotus, and the cars therefore receive our undivided efforts and loyalty. As a part of membership, we can provide written valuations on cars for agreed value insurance schemes, plus a calendar of social events, including local area meetings, attendance at the major classic car shows, as well as track and sprint test days. The Club now has over 350 members worldwide, is recognised by both Peugeot and Lotus, and the members own over 300 Sunbeam Lotus cars between them.


“The Club now has over 350 members worldwide, is recognised by both Peugeot and Lotus, and the members own over 300 Sunbeam Lotus cars between them.”

Technical advice and assistance, plus help with finding cars and spare parts, is also available through email, or by post. In addition, we do from time to time source, or have re-manufactured, some spare parts or associated items of interest, and these are advertised for sale exclusively to members (normally at cost price plus postage). These currently include Series 2 Piccadilly seat material; body stripes; decals; stainless steel exhaust systems; wheel centre caps; sales brochures; homologation papers; Talbot rally films (DVD); scale models (kits & built); workshop manuals, and service information sheets. The current Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Parts Shop (known as SOPS!) parts catalogue contains over 1000 items. The Club also maintains a list of cars for sale from all sources (not just SLOC members) on the Members’ Forum on the web site (www.sunbeamlotus.com)

The Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club is recognised by the Motor Sports Association (“the MSA”); we are also members of the Association of Rootes Car Clubs, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and the Association of West Midlands Car Clubs. This ensures that SLOC members are invited to, and can participate in, all events organised or attended by these long-standing and active organisations.

Our club magazine, oppoSiteLOC, is published quarterly, and is posted free to all members. All new members also receive a copy of the latest magazine with their membership pack. The club is organised and managed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who, whilst running things entirely in their spare time, nevertheless try to provide a service equal to the highest professional standards.

Until his death in 1999, the Honorary Club President was Des O’Dell (former Talbot Competitions Director and inspiration for the Sunbeam Lotus), and our Honorary Vice-President is Paul White, who was the Talbot Team Manager and winning co-driver on the 1980 Lombard-RAC Rally.

The Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club has become a fully incorporated limited company entitled “The Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club Limited”, and this ensures that all members are fully protected from any liabilities that the club may incur as part of its day-to-day business.

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